AI Design Sprint Experience Session

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Developed by Danish firm 33A and facilitated by us, the AI Design Sprint prioritizes collaboration, speed, and the needs, preferences, and behaviors of end-users. It enables AI to become a force for innovation.

AI Experience Session

Earlier this week we held one of our free AI Experience Sessions. Our objective was to provide a fun and hands-on experience showing how you can bring AI into any team or organization.

Using actual snippets from the event, here’s what we covered in a series of short video clips.

1. Agenda and Outcome

The topics we cover and what you learn.

2. Bridging the Gap

A summary of the challenges that slow or block AI projects from getting started.

3. Five Modules

An overview of the AI Design Sprint enabling teams to go from start to prototype in less than 30 days.

4. Process Selection

The workflow you want to improve in eight clearly defined steps.

5. AI Cards

A simple, category-based visual system for applying AI automation features.

6. Card Selection and Voting

Collaborating as a team, design how AI improves the process.

7. Ethical considerations

A simple system of checks and balances so implementation aligns with values and principles.

No Technical Knowledge Necessary

A common misperception is that AI requires specialized technical expertise. The AI Design Sprint approach shatters this myth by using inclusive and collaborative design thinking. Now teams can visualize complex AI capabilities. You can ideate, prototype, and align new AI concepts without technical expertise.

Wrap Up

The AI Design Sprint removes pain points and bottlenecks. This one-hour session is an interactive, hands-on introduction to the AI Design Sprint. You'll work in a team to develop an AI application concept. You'll learn how AI can improve your workflows through automation.

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