Magnetiz Onboarding Overview

December 28, 2023
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This overview of our onboarding process is for new clients of our Magnetiz service. We begin by taking time to understand your goals.

​You will learn how to personalize content using generative AI across different content types and channels, get recommendations on how to manage data with Magnetiz or within your HubSpot CRM, and use advanced automation techniques to scale. Onboarding includes configuration of the service to work in our environment or yours.

During onboarding, we will review the following:

  • Use cases for Magnetiz
  • Ideal customer and buyer journey
  • Value proposition and messaging
  • Personalization variables
  • AI enrichment variables
  • Content strategy
  • Content-types – text, voice, video, homepages, and more
  • Content channel – email, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Communication cadence
  • Action triggers to sales, customer success, and service and support
  • Workflow and automation
  • Chatbot AI learning materials, messaging, and workflow
  • Data management in your Hubspot instance or in Magnetiz
  • List strategies and segmentation of current customers and prospects
  • Campaign setup and analysis

Sample Magnetiz Onboarding

The sample onboarding plan is an overview of what you can expect when setting up the Magnetiz service. From the beginning we work to ensure the goals and tasks align with your business needs. We collaborate with you to create your personalization strategies. This could be current customer interactions, prospect engagement, cross-sell and up-sell initiatives, or customer service and support. We assign an engagement lead to act as a project manager to guide you through the process.

Phase 0

Getting started
Account and Technology Setup and Configuration

The journey starts with an in depth discussion on the services capabilities. Magnetiz offers a complete range of personalization options with generative AI and other advanced tools. You will need to understand these work together for the greatest impact and efficiency. Along with helping you understand the foundational elements, we’ll guide you with setup tasks including:

  • Introduction to our Hubspot-based service
  • Invite your team members and assigning roles
  • Review list of needs and timeline
  • Connect your subdomains and configure your settings
  • Prioritizing and managing your contacts
  • Discuss personalization options and necessary variables
  • Review KPIs and how Magnetiz supports them
  • Review other integrations your team may be using and how Magnetiz can use them

What we need from you during this phase:

  • Time on your schedule for onboarding meetings with assigned team members
  • Discussion and selection of personalization variables to use
  • Identification of usage scenarios to prioritize
  • Basic access to your CRM and email platform if we are standing up Magnetiz in your environment
  • Introduction with your IT team for discussion of subdomain configuration

Phase 1

First Goal Priority
Customer Lifecycle and Personalization Strategies

What we’ll cover:

  • Understanding the entire customer lifecycle to tailor personalized strategies
  • Analyzing existing customer behavior to create more relevant personalization properties
  • Developing a lead-capturing and nurturing plan that is personalized to different customer segments

What we’ll guide you on:

  • Identifying key customer personas to target with personalized content
  • Strategies to personalize communication across various channels like email, voice, and video
  • Creating and, if needed, managing custom properties for AI-generated personalization

What we need from your during this stage:

  • Insights into your current customer behavior and segmentation
  • Information about existing customer lifecycle management tools and processes
  • Collaboration in defining and implementing personalization variables and strategies

Phase 2

Second Goal Priority
Scenario Selection and Personalization Variables

What we’ll cover:

  • Identifying critical scenarios where personalization can enhance engagement
  • Selecting variables that will be personalized based on user behavior and preferences
  • Integrating of the chosen variables with marketing and CRM tools

What we’ll guide you on:

  • Mapping the scenario-based process in the context of personalization capabilities
  • Collaborating to define new contact points within the pipeline based on contact engagement
  • Crafting personalized campaigns that speak to individual contact and customer needs and interests

What we need from you during this stage:

  • Explanation of marketing campaigns and segmentation
  • Collaboration in defining and implementing personalization scenarios and variables
  • Review and feedback on proposed scenario selection and variable implementation

Phase 3

Third Goal Priority
Template Creation and Automation

What we’ll cover:

  • Designing templates for automated campaigns that utilize personalized content
  • Creating automation workflows that provide different content to different segments
  • Discussing how contacts are shared outside of Magnetiz

What we will guide you on:

  • Applying techniques to leverage generative-AI content for enhancing customer segment
  • Integrating custom properties to build targeted lists for your campaigns
  • Using automation to scale your personalization strategies

What we need from you during this stage:

  • Description of your existing automation systems and desired automation
  • Collaboration in designing templates that fit your brand message
  • Feedback and approval on created templates and automation workflows

Congratulations – you have completed Magnetiz Onboarding!

We will now move forward with execution.

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